Recommended Books

By God’s grace and as a result of His work, Christians strive to grow in maturity, obedience, and knowledge. As a church, we desire to provide good resources to aid our church family in this process of sanctification. One of the most helpful ways to grow is by reading good books. While the Bible is the only perfect book, God has used His people throughout centuries to write wise, accessible, profound, biblical truth. We encourage you to peruse the topics in this list and choose a few books to read in the coming months. Many of these titles can be found in our church library.

Fellowship Partners

Our church is in fellowship with the following two associations and partners at times with other like-minded churches and ministries as we pursue our mission.

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Recommended Ministries

We regularly recommend articles, books, and resources from the following ministries. A recommendation of a resource does not necessarily communicate complete agreement with everything contained in that resource, nor does it necessarily communicate complete agreement with everything produced by that ministry. If you desire clarification or additional input regarding these recommendations, please reach out to one of our elders.

Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

9 Marks


Matthias Media

New Growth Press

10 of Those

Ligonier Ministries

Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation

Desiring God

Grace Music